1. Chen Deyang, China
Application of ion implantation in ferroelectric materials
2. Chernysh Vladimir, Russia
Effect of preferential sputtering during irradiation of alloys with atomic and cluster ions
3. Ćosić Marko, Serbia
The Morphological analysis of the rainbow scattering effect in proton transmission through graphene.
4. Du Guanghua, China
Imaging of the irradiation effects in microelectronics
5. Dutt Shankar, Australia
Annealing of ion irradiation damage in amorphous silicon dioxide.
6. Gogova Daniela, Bulgaria
Gallium oxide – a promising material for the next generation high-power electronics
7. Karaseov Platon, Russia
Radiation damage accumulation in α-Ga2O3 under keV ion bombardment.
8. Karmakar Prasanta , India
Large area isolated nano dot and wire formation by broad ion beam implantation
9. Kibalov Dmitriy, Russia
Self-forming hard nanomask and its induced coherency
10. Liu Xiangjun, China
Focused ion beams in thermal science and engineering.
11. Lorenz Katharina, Portugal
Defect engineering in wide bandgap semiconductors
12. Obrezkov O.I., Russia
The use of plasma and ion beam technologies for the production of coatings on the electrodes of pacemakers.
13. Pandey Ratnesh, India
Radiation damage and erosion study in Tungsten Carbide thin films due to low and high energy ion irradiation
14. Pisarev Alexander, Russia
Aluminium oxidation in plasma of abnormal glow discharge.
15. Polyakov A.Y., Russia
Hydrogen plasma influence on electrical properties and deep traps spectra of various polymorphs of Ga2O3.
16. Popov Vladimir, Russia
Defects in silicon and high-k dielectrics of SOI and SOS structures after swift heavy ion Xe and Bi implanation.
17. Rymzhanov Ruslan, Russia
Modification of surfaces and interfaces with swift heavy ions
18. Stepanov Andrey, Russia
Formation of nanoporous germanium layer by low-energy implantation with transition metal ions
19. Tőkési Károly, Hungary
Determination of Optical Properties of Solids from Reflection Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy Spectra
20. Trombini Henrique, Brazil
Medium Energy Ion Scattering capabilities for characterization of nanostructures
21. Uglov Vladimir, Belarus
Surface erosion of multilayer nanostructured ZrN/Si3N4 films irradiated with helium ions
22. Volkov Alexander, Russia
Fast lattice heating in swift heavy ion tracks by nonthermal acceleration of atoms
23. Voronkov Roman , Russia
Nonthermal effects in insulators under ultrafast electronic excitations