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The XXV International Conference
on Ion-Surface Interactions

23–27 August 2021
Yaroslavl, Russia

Dedicated to the centenary of birth of A.D. Sakharov

23 August 2021


You are cordially invited to take part in and to contribute to the XXV International Conference on Ion-Surface Interactions ISI-2021 which will be held from 23 till 27 August 2021 in Yaroslavl.

The Conference will be held in a mixed format because of the Virus situation in Russia and around the World and our inability to predict its development and effect on travel.

The foreign attendees will participate on-line.

Russian attendees, in the case of a relief of the pandemic, can participate via both on-line and off-line conference sections.

Conference broadcast on Youtube

History and Scope

ISI-2021 will be the next in the series of traditional biennial meetings promoting growth and exchange of scientific information on the physics of atomic collisions with solids, and related topics. Beginning with 1971, the conferences were held in Kharkov, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, and then, starting from 1991, in the town of Zvenigorod near Moscow and, more recently, in Yaroslavl and Moscow.

The scientific programme of ISI-2021 will include invited plenary talks as well as oral and poster presentations held in the following sequential sections with a new session on medical applications of ion beams; an important area which is developing rapidly:

  1. Sputtering, surface erosion, desorption.
  2. Ion scattering, emission of ions, electrons, photons and X-rays under ion-surface interaction.
  3. Ion implantation, surface modification and surface analysis.
  4. Ion-assisted processes in nanostructures and thin films.
  5. Plasma-surface interaction – physics and technology.
  6. Ion irradiation in biology and medicine.


The working language of the conference will be English (all oral presentations and posters). It is possible also to present posters in Russian, but titles, abstracts and figure captions should be in English.

Contact information

Vladimir Bachurin
P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University,
150003, Yaroslavl, Sovetskaya st., 14
Phone: +7(910) 970 4697
E-mail: (If you have any questions about the conference)

Oleg Trushin, Conference Secretary
Valiev Institute of Physics and Technology of RAS, Yaroslavl branch,
150007, Russia, Yaroslavl, str. Universitetskaya, 21,
Phone: +7(4852) 24-65-52
E-mail: (If you have any questions about the conference)

Ekaterina Zykova
Physics Faculty, Moscow State University,
119991, Russia, Moscow
Phone: +7(903)68-68-078
E-mail: (To submit your abstracts)


If you need a visa to enter Russia, please fill in the corresponding form at the conference website or contact the organizers directly (

Talks and Posters

The duration of invited talks is 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. Oral contributions are scheduled for 10 minutes with extra 5 minutes for discussion. Computer and overhead projector will be provided. Poster sessions will be held after talks. Posters of A0 format only, vertical size should be put up the evening before, and removed immediately after the poster session.


Selected and referred at the conference papers will be published either in Russian or in English in special issues of the Journals:

An electronic version of the manuscript and two printed copies must be submitted on the first day of the Conference.




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